July 2022 archive

ZIP() function – Please tell us how you use the zip function.

if you use the zip function, could you please share with us the Zip() code line from your script so we can look at how you are using it. this is to help with decisions on potential underlying changes to add unzipping as a feature. Please send to support Thanks

Formate eVo & Windows 11

Formate eVo v21.5 Dashboard certified for use on Windows 11 PC for development and admin

Service Release 22.2 (22.2.22203.11101)

New Patch Release – Please see release notes in Dashboard Update Utility Available 01.08.2022 Title Description Enhancement: Barcode Reading Engine replaced Underlying barocde reading engine replaced and improved. *Note Support for reading MSI, EAN5, UPCB, and Code32 removed. Scripting: ReviewToPostProcess() Allows further processing after release from Reviewer Allows a PDF Created via CreateCustomDoc to be …

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Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online – Trouble with O365 Mailbox

Basic auth deprecation is coming in October. The service has been temporarily disabling basic auth so that tenant admins become aware they are using it. If you log into the M365 portal with your tenant admin account you will likely find messages in the message centre about this e.g. https://admin.microsoft.com/Adminportal/Home?source=applauncher#/MessageCenter.  Outlook Desktop does not support …

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