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Do not work on configuration file outside of Dashboard

[su_note note_color=”#ec2310″ text_color=”#f8f4f4″]Working on {evo} configuration files outside of Dashboard can cause serious problems.[/su_note] Facilities are provided within the Dashboard application to work with various configuration items such as Form Types, Server Tasks, etc, and these include the ability to copy them within the same machine to provide a duplicate, or to copy from one …

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A Form Type isn’t found or doesn’t appear to behave as the latest edited version should

[su_note note_color=”#acf596″]This topic applies to release 6.2 onwards.[/su_note] You may encounter either of these problems: A Server Task executes a Form Type but execution fails with a “Form Type Not Found” message being added to the event log. You edit a Form Type and save the changes, but when the Form Type is next executed …

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