Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online – Trouble with O365 Mailbox

Basic auth deprecation is coming in October. The service has been temporarily disabling basic auth so that tenant admins become aware they are using it. If you log into the M365 portal with your tenant admin account you will likely find messages in the message centre about this e.g. 

Outlook Desktop does not support POP or IMAP in the service with modern auth so those won’t work after October. The best thing to do is to switch your account to an Exchange connection. Here is more about the basic auth deprecation, Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs.

Support for MS IE.

Microsoft has announced they will formally end support of Internet Explorer 11 on June 15, 2022. Because of this announcement, Formate eVo will also formally end all support of Internet Explorer when using any Web Monitor functions. While the use of IE may continue to work, we will no longer be testing, supporting, or fixing any issues related to the use of IE with Formate eVo

For reference, below are links to the articles from Microsoft announcing this decision:

MySQL Support for eVo logging

8.0.023 Most Recent Supported Version

Recent updates to MySQL v8 have introduced an incompatibility with Formate eVo and versions of MySQL beyond 8.0.023 will not work with Formate eVo currently for use as the logging database.

If currently using MySQL v8.0.XX successfully do not upgrade your MySQL instance, or install a newer or higher version than 8.0.023 if creating a new Formate eVo server instance.

We are currently looking into the issue created by the updates to MySQL.

See the below links for short infographic videos of some of the item new to v22

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – Configuring and Using Reviewer

Demonstrating the use of the Reviewer Interface, and how to get documents into it for use.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – Remote Printers

Demonstrating the use of the Remote Printer client to capture data on a client machine and pass it to a Formate eVo server, with the Web Service Receiver enabled.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – Backup Now

Demonstrating how to use the new “Backup Now” dashboard button for one click full export and emailing.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – Using the PDF Text Extractor Helper

Demonstrating how to use the new visual tool to extract text locations from a PDF for use with the EdPdf2ExtractText() commands..

Formate eVo v21.5 & Windows 11

Formae eVo v22 is certified for Installation on Windows 11, for all development and testing requirements

Formate v22 is released 01.03.2022

Welcome to a milestone release of Formate eVo V22

The next post will contain links to some infographics highlighting new functionality, but the focus of this release has been to add some user productivity features . These aim to help with capturing data when remote working and passing it to eVo, and at the other end of the document production workflow, allowing output to be veted o reviewed prior to final despatch to the printer or recipient via email.

We have also added, some enhancements for those of you who use Dashboard, particularly hoping to improve the experience when using PDF editing features.

Email Connectivity via Modern Authentication for MS O365, and Google Gmail, has also been enhanced in this release

The full list of new features – Fixes can be found in the full release notes available vis the Dashboard Update feature.

New Module: Document ReviewerDocument (PDF) Reviewer Client provided. Windows Client
interface to allow users to review Formate eVo document output prior
to transmission to final destination, be it Printer or Email. Documents
can be viewed, and the output managed, including final approval
release, or delete
Module: Remote PrinterClient Application to install three local printers, to facilitate
local workstation capture of printed output, for automated delivery to
Formate eVo server via the web service receiver interface
Dashboard: Backup NowOne click server back and delivery via email (T3Cmd
Dashboard: Extract Text PDF Helper In support of the EdPDF2AddTextArea() scripting
command, a GUI to view pdfs and locate content coordinates.