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March/April 2021 – Windows OS Reported Print Problems

Whilst most information relates to Windows 10, it appears that a number of recent updates have adversely affected the printing sub-system – it manifests itself with random print job failures, job not reaching the queue, or disappearing from the print queue immediately after appearing but not reaching the printer, and reporting of GDI+ errors. Problems …

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Text Formatting

Using tags to apply bold, italic, and colour etc to sections of text. Take a a required layout output text, such as this (where the line is a single text element, and needs different formatting for parts, bold in this case.) The items will be available from 01.03.2021: Firstly the whole line needs to be …

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Release 21 (21.0.21053.11023) Notes on Roll-Back to Previous Release

Although the upgrade from a previous version of eVo to v21 is semi-automated, no equivalent roll-back is available. Should you wish to install a an earlier version to a server with v21 installed already, v21 will need to be fully uninstalled and a completely new installation of the chosen earlier version made. No configuration, setup, …

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Release 21 (21.0.21053.11023) – Feature Demo’s

See the below links for short infographic videos of some of the item new to v21. Formate eVo v21 Release Videos – PDFRedact Command Formate eVo v21 Release Videos – EdPdfAddSignatureField Formate eVo v21 Release Videos – EdPdfTiffToPdf Formate eVo v21 Release Videos – EdPdfToTiff Formate eVo v21 Release Videos – Server Task – Export …

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Release 21 (21.0.21053.11023) – New Name , New Direction

Formate v21 is released 01.03.2021 This is an important event as it marks the first major release of Formate eVo under our stewardship. We are proud to announce that we have taken total ownership of the Formate eVo  Intellectual Property rights and control of the direction and development of eVo, from Trilogic Ltd. You will …

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Server Name: Limited to NETBIOS character limit

Server name as entered into the Server Properties should be 15 or fewer characters in length. Otherwise communication with the server may not be possible and errors will be encountered licensing Dashboard