PDF Printing

[su_note note_color=”#f0c4f4″]PDF Printing released[/su_note]
Release 5.7 brings a new PDF Printing facility, which can take pages from existing PDFs and send them to a printer with complete control over:

  • Which pages are included, and in what order.
  • How the page content is scaled and positioned.
  • Printer settings such as which paper tray to feed from (even down to individual pages)
  • How the print is split into separate print jobs in the Windows spooler.
  • What’s done with the PDF afterwards.
  • And much more.

A single print job can contain pages from several PDFs, and the whole process can be controlled from an XML metadata file to allow it to be automated and driven from other applications. However you can still change any and all settings in your script before committing the work to be printed, so you can tailor it according to any information your script can access (perhaps customer preferences looked up from a database).

[notice]PDF Printing is part of the new “PDF Processing” module so you’ll need a license which covers that module in order to use it. Enterprise Plus licenses will have that¬†automatically, but other licenses will need to be upgraded. Contact your reseller for pricing.[/notice]