Sending higher volumes of emails via 0365 – Update HVE Accounts

High Volume Email for Microsoft 365

As we have reported many times Microsoft do not allow\want the sending of high volumes of emails through a standard O365 user account, making it difficult sometimes with back office systems such as Formate eVo.

To be fair Microsoft have offered authenticated SMTP as a step forward, but whilst it expands the boundaries, it doesn’t offer a real break through. Microsoft also offer a chargeable Azure Comms service which allows the bulk sending of emails, but it is far from simple;

Overview of Azure Communication Services email – An Azure Communication Services concept article | Microsoft Learn

We ourselves have had good success sending via 3rd party services such as MailGun, or SMTP2GO, and this remains our chosen solution.

However there now might another option coming! Microsoft are previewing HVE (High Volume Emailing) accounts.

Public Preview: High Volume Email for Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Community Hub

High Volume Email for Microsoft 365 still has limitations, isn’t universally available at present but may push the boundaries still further – Might be something worth checking out.