Fonts are Special! Part 2 Distribution

Font use and availability can be affected by how they are installed and how they are licensed. In these 2 posts will we comment upon their installation, and their distribution.

Fonts for use in eVo generated documents should be installed for “All Users”, and the license should allow for embedding or distribution within a document such as a PDF. In this, the second of these, we will look at distribution.

If you look at the details of fonts in the Font Folder, or look at the details of Font’s Properties you will see an entry for “FONT EMBEDDABILITY”

This determines if the of font is licensed to be distributed by being embedded in a parent document, such as a PDF. Fonts need to be embedded in a document, such as a PDF to ensure it is displayed as intended on a designation device that may not have that font installed. This is explained here, better than I could;

Font redistribution FAQ – Typography | Microsoft Learn

About font license restrictions – Microsoft Support

But basically, unless it says restricted, you can embed and therefore distribute the font purely for the purpose of correct display of the parent document. Such as;

Print and Preview – allows a recipient to view and print the document (no change or edit is licensed)

Edit – document can be printed, viewed and edited by recipient.

Anything with “Restricted”, will have its own license which should be consulted, as a fee may be payable to allow distribution, or it might be prohibited.