Fonts Are Special! Part 1 Install

Font use and availability can be affected by how they are installed and how they are licensed. In these 2 posts will we comment upon their installation, and their distribution.

Fonts for use in eVo generated documents should be installed for “All Users”, and the license should allow for embedding or distribution within a document such as a PDF. We will address the second of these, distribution in a second post.

The correct way to install a custom font for use with eVo is, copy the font.ttf source file to a local temporary location, and then right click for the context menu. Do not simply choose install, as this will install the font for the logged on user only. Choose “More Options”, and then “Install for All users”.

The result is that the .ttf file is copied to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder, and the font is installed for all users of the server.

If we had chosen the “Install” option, it would have been installed to the user folder for the profile for the user in question, and only be available for that user, in this case me;


Beware, as always with Windows there is a complication. If you simply navigate to Windows\Fonts in Explorer you will see all fonts, that your user has access to as if they were all contained in the folder. This is because the Font Folder is special. Here you see 2 fonts shown as a part of a family in Windows Explorer, one, Roboto Thin, installed just for me, and Roboto Regular, installed for all users.

but, as you can see they live in different places, and therefore have different usage permissions.