Formate v21.5 is released 18.11.2021

Welcome to a milestone release of Formate eVo V21.5

The next post will contain links to some infographics highlighting new functionality, with some significant ones relating to usability (Lists), PDF editing (Ability to use underlying letterheads and templates), and Email Connectivity (Modern Authentication for MS O365, and Google Gmail)

The full list of new features – Fixes can be found in the full release notes available vis the Dashboard Update feature.

Dashboard Explorer: Interactive lookup lists addedDashboard Explorer allows creation of named key pair lists. New scripting commands GetListitem() to perform a single item lookup, and GetList() to return list contents to an array, added to support use of lists within Formtypes.
WebSvcMon: List ManagementNew List Management Page available via WebSvcMon to allow population and management of list contents.
Email Connection: O365 Modern AuthenticationNew Email connection type added: Microsoft approved O365 Modern Authentication connection can be used. Upon successful authorisation MS Modern Authentication stores a local security token, which will expire if not used for 90 days. Nearing the token’s end of lifetime, it will automatically be renewed by a refreshed token for another 90 days by the action of successfully connecting. Should the connection not be used for more than 90 days, expiry of the existing token will prevent renewal and the connection will need to be re-established within dashboard.
Email Connection: Gmail Modern AuthenticationNew Email connection type added: Google approved GMail Modern Authentication connection can be used. Upon successful authorisation Google Modern Authentication stores a local security token.
Task Despatcher: Server Task Backup Lifetime addedSet via Dashboard “System Configuration” , Server Task Backup Lifetime, and working in a similar manner to Email backup Lifetime, prevents Task Despatcher from processing spoolfiles older than the backup lifetime set.
Dashboard: New Explorer TreeExplorer Tree View updated
Dashboard: Explorer – Ability to add grouping folder to sectionsWithin Explorer sections new sub folders can be added to group section elements, such as formtypes, or email connections. Items to be grouped need to be dragged to within pre-existing folders. Folders exist only at Dashboard level, and cannot be exported or imported.
Dashboard: Explorer – Added “Save As” ability to Shared ValuesIntroduced “Save As” functionality to Shared Value Section of Explorer to allow duplication of sets, and match functionality of over sections of explorer
PDF Creation: Insert BookmarkA named Layout Text element can be set as a pdf bookmark with the SetFormtypeProperty() command as a PDF is generated by CreateCustPdfEx()
PDF Processing: PDFCreateContentsPage()Auto-create PDF Contents Page, from existing PDF containing bookmarks.
PDF Editing: New Command PdfMultiMerge()New Command for the fast combining of multiple PDFs with reduced system overhead. PdfMultiMerge() accepts a single column array containing a set of PDF file paths to be merged in order into a new output PDF. Optimisation settings can also be specified.
Enhancement: SetformTypeProperty() – PdfCrFontfix can be applied to a display text elementPdfCrFontFix is already available for application to the global formtype, thus applying to all text elements within a created PDF. Now it can be selectively applied to individual display text elements as required.
Dashboard: General logs: Email QueueSelect and resend individual failed emails as required.
Dashboard: Service Status – Restart Email QueueAdded ability to restart email queue from Service Status tab.
PDF Editing: New Operation – EdPdfAdOpLetterHead() add underlying letterhead or template PDFNew PDF Editing Operation, EdPdfAdOpLetterHead() to add underlying letterhead or template PDF to an Operations set for the creation of a new final PDF.
Scripting: New Command – DownloadImage()Download image from defined URl for storage within the local filing system and subsequent use. DownloadImage(,”D:\\Test\\Signature.png”)
Scripting: New Command IsOdd() Determine if a number is odd or evenDetermine if numeric variable is Odd or Even: Return True(-1) and False(0)
Scripting: New Command – BtOutputToString()Build text resultant output can now be passed to a string variable via BtOutputToString()
Scripting: New Command – StrPad() –New Command StrPad() to allow the padding of strings with chosen character.
Scripting: New Command – SuperTrim()New Command to superseded and enhance Trim(), LTrim(), and RTrim() with inclusion fo options to remove blank lines, Matches functionality available in Template field Trim options.
Scripting: Enhancement to ScanBarcode() – New image pre-processing optionsAdded Options to Scanbarcode() for image pre-processing into Option string. “Invert” – this inverts colours on the image “Despeckle” – used to remove speckles from a poor scanned image “Dilate” – used to expand image pixels. This essentially adds pixels to an image boundary which can help when scan has caused edges of image are faint. “Erode” – used to reduce image pixels. This has the opposite effect of the “Dilate” command. “Sharp” – used to sharpen an image that is blurred.
Scripting: Enhancement – DBOpen() – Add Option to exclude headers from being included when called DbFillArray()New Option DbOptExcludeHeaders – prevents headers being included when DbFillArray() is called
Dashboard – New Brand compliant Pre Splash, Splash and About boxesNew branding of Pre-Splash and Splash screens plus the About box.