See the below links for short infographic videos of some of the item new to v21.5

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – Lists

Demonstrating Lists functionality which allows a list of key/pair values to be created and maintained by users outside of Formate.   The GetList and GetListItem commands can then be used to parse data.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – ModernAuthentication

Demonstrating new email connectors for Gmail and Microsoft Office 365 which use token based authorisation to replace older protocols like SMTP and IMAP.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – EdPdfAddOpLetterhead

Demonstrating the EdPdfAddOpLetterhead command which allows for a PDF to be used as a letterhead or background and combined into an existing PDF.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – BookmarksAndPdfCreateContentsPage

Demonstrating the “Bookmark” Element Property of the SetFormTypeProperty command to add a Bookmark to a Custom PDF.  The PdfCreateContentsPage command is then used to take the PDF with Bookmarks and add a Contents page to it.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – DownloadImage

Demonstration of the DownloadImage command which allows an Image to be downloaded from a URL.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – Explorer

Demonstrating new functionality in Formate Dashboard Explorer which allows folders to be created to group related items.

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Videos – SuperTrim

Demonstrating the SuperTrim command which allows for spaces to be trimmed from a string, including removing blank lines.