Web Service Monitor (WSM) – Error created by network scanner

Formate eVo’s internal webserver is used for the remote lightweight publishing of the eVo event log, and to provide limited remote control functionality.

As an embedded webserver running on an unusual port specified arbitrarily by theSystem Admin at the time of setup, it may appear suspicious to your network monitoring and security software.

Access of the WSM URL, ( example http://Formate-eVoSrv:8080) by third party monitoring software may trigger errors to be recorded in both the Windows and eVo event logs on the server similar to this:

Level ::  Error

Created ::  04/05/2021 09:47:31

Details ::  WebSvcMon.SimpleFile(1150): Could not find file ‘C:\Program Files\Extra Resource Limited\T3\Web\Source\index.html’.

Whilst this may not affect access to the WSM, nor produce an undue overhead on the server*, it will fill the logs with unwanted additional entries, and therefore your network monitoring or security software should be configured by rule to not probe this URL.

*extra entries in the event log may make future diagnostic examination more difficult.