eVo internal ID Association

Ever wondered what the internal id of a form type or revision is?

Underlying configuration files have an an internal unique name of the form


the root of the file name is associated with the machine it was first created on, and the extension identifies the object type, in the above case the actual form type revision. Some of the other extensions identify , Parent Formtype Set, shared value sets, email connections, server tasks, in fact all objects in the Explorer tree have an underlying physical file.

Sometimes this identifiers will turn up in the event log, so it would be useful to be able to link the id back to the item in Explorer. Well to find the association;

Method (1) More Utils|List Config files tool

tool to list all config files

Opening the tool gives you

List Config Files dialog – use refresh button to load content

Method (2) Formtype Sets, Revisions, and Include scripts have the information available in the “info” tab of the properties page for the item.