Release 21 (21.0.21053.11023) – New Name , New Direction

Formate v21 is released 01.03.2021

This is an important event as it marks the first major release of Formate eVo under our stewardship. We are proud to announce that we have taken total ownership of the Formate eVo  Intellectual Property rights and control of the direction and development of eVo, from Trilogic Ltd. You will note that although we trade as Document Genetics, the software is provided and more importantly signed as Extra Resource Ltd, our parent legal entity.

This means that version 21` of eVo contains some significant changes, but primarily in two areas.

Install Location

A new install of v21 will now be located in the Program Files\Extra Resource Limited and ProgramData\Extra Resource Limited folders.  This has no real implications for a fresh install, but during an upgrade to v21, the contents of the current Program Files\Trilogic Ltd and ProgramData\Trilogic Ltd will be moved. As with any major upgrade, we strongly advise that all due care is taken with an upgrade and that you ensure that you have suitable viable backups in place before commencing.

A utility has also been provided (“C:\ProgramData\Extra Resource Limited\T3\Utilities\DeleteOldEvoFoldersandKeys.exe”) to clean up the old Trilogic Ltd installation folders located in Program Files and ProgramData and the registry after a successful installation.

Legacy PDF Functions are removed.

Legacy pdf libraries are now removed, pdf creation in print runs and scripting commands which are dependent upon legacy pdf libraries will cease to work. New commands have been available since v8.6 (May 2018), and should have been the preferred option since, but please be aware.

In addition, Formate eVo v21 introduces some new features and a significant number of default setup changes introduced after feedback from users worldwide. Details are in the attached release notes, and further information is available in v21’s help.

Ongoing Support.

At the point of a new release, support for any version of eVo older than 3 years, which is NOT the current major release will be retired. This means that as of the release of v21, support for versions prior to v8.4 will be retired, and these versions will be unavailable for autonomous download. Should help be required, then the end user will need to update to a currently supported version.

We are also announcing the retirement of any version of Formate eVo, prior to v8.4, and the introduction of a rolling 3 year retirement plan.