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A Form Type isn’t found or doesn’t appear to behave as the latest edited version should

[su_note note_color=”#acf596″]This topic applies to release 6.2 onwards.[/su_note] You may encounter either of these problems: A Server Task executes a Form Type but execution fails with a “Form Type Not Found” message being added to the event log. You edit a Form Type and save the changes, but when the Form Type is next executed …

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PDF Printing

[su_note note_color=”#f0c4f4″]PDF Printing released[/su_note] Release 5.7 brings a new PDF Printing facility, which can take pages from existing PDFs and send them to a printer with complete control over: Which pages are included, and in what order. How the page content is scaled and positioned. Printer settings such as which paper tray to feed from …

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