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Formate v21.5 is released 18.11.2021

Welcome to a milestone release of Formate eVo V21.5 The next post will contain links to some infographics highlighting new functionality, with some significant ones relating to usability (Lists), PDF editing (Ability to use underlying letterheads and templates), and Email Connectivity (Modern Authentication for MS O365, and Google Gmail) The full list of new features …

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See the below links for short infographic videos of some of the item new to v21.5

Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – Lists Demonstrating Lists functionality which allows a list of key/pair values to be created and maintained by users outside of Formate.   The GetList and GetListItem commands can then be used to parse data. Formate eVo v21.5 Release Video – ModernAuthentication Demonstrating new email connectors for Gmail and Microsoft Office …

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New Release – v21.5 coming shortly

Just a teaser – v21.5 will be with everybody shortly.

Web Service Monitor (WSM) – Error created by network scanner

Formate eVo’s internal webserver is used for the remote lightweight publishing of the eVo event log, and to provide limited remote control functionality. As an embedded webserver running on an unusual port specified arbitrarily by theSystem Admin at the time of setup, it may appear suspicious to your network monitoring and security software. Access of …

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eVo internal ID Association

Ever wondered what the internal id of a form type or revision is? Underlying configuration files have an an internal unique name of the form ED67314B275448D9BCBAC17DDB4BB5AD-00000263.formtype2 the root of the file name is associated with the machine it was first created on, and the extension identifies the object type, in the above case the actual …

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March/April 2021 – Windows OS Reported Print Problems – Resolution by Microsoft

Further to the previous entry describing print system problems, Microsoft have issued a series of patches to resolve the issues. Exact patch is dependent upon build of windows in use. In simple terms a fully patched ( as up to 07.04.21) windows system should have the fixes installed automatically. Otherwise cumulative updates from February or …

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